The team

Eline de Jong

As the founder of Skik Analytics, I’m passionate about enhancing the festival experience for both organizers and attendees. Beyond my role as a festival enthusiast, I also bring a data-driven perspective to the mix. With a background in agent-based modelling and data science, I’m focused on developing a operational prediction algorithm to provide real-time insights. So, whether I’m out there in the crowd or behind the scenes, my mission is clear: to make every festival experience unforgettable and seamlessly organized.

Ahmad Mel

As the co-founder of Skik Analytics, I’m the driving force behind our recommendation algorithm. With a background in data mining and expertise in unsupervised learning methods, I also develop the data infrastructure that powers our platform making sure that the date is there in real-time when festival organizations need it.

Dinesh Gokoel
Commercial advisor

As the commercial advisor and business developer, I advice Skik Analytics on business growth and strategy. My background in sales and new product development, plus experience in start ups and big companies, is an addition to the team.